Another Award Winning Program from Greater Media

Maven Awards 2014
Boston Ad Club

Category– Best use of Radio
Agency: Nor Bella
Radio: Greater Media Stations WBOS, WBQT, WKLB, WMJX, and WROR
Client: Bertucci’s
Elements Used: Radio Commercials, Digital Banners, DJ Endorsements, In Store spotter program to reward guests, Video, On Air giveaways, On Line Giveaways, in Studio Food Drops

I am proud to say I was apart of an award-winning program. The client came to us with a multi tiered mission.
1) Raise the brand awareness of Bertucci’s as a family restaurant
2) Connect Bertucci’s with families, community and love
3) Increase same store sales

The creative team at Greater Media met to brainstorm many concepts to meet and achieve the above objectives. This team was made up of sales, production, promotions, on air personalities, digital and video. Key developers of the award-winning concept were: Alison Sawhill, Chris Cabral, Matt Bourke, Rachel Redman, Matt DiRoberto and Greater Media Director of Sales Mark Keaney.

The chosen concept was “Share the Love”. A creative message was developed to air on the radio that talked about how Bertucci’s is the best place to take your family for a home-style meal. The heart of the restaurant is the fire brick oven in each location where the pizza, and famous fresh rolls are baked.
Greater Media Personalities talked first person about their experiences dining at Bertucci’s and gave away Bertucci’s gift cards to listeners. Then over the course of 5 weeks all five Greater Media radio stations went out to selected locations to “Share the Love”. Station promotional teams with the on air personalities scoped out the dining guests and selected one to “reward”. We picked up their dinner check to show them the love from Bertucci’s. But it didn’t stop there, we asked the lucky guest to pick another table so they could “share the love”. All this great sharing and rewarding was captured on video and aired on station websites. Stations told people to be on the look out at their Bertucci’s for the “Share the Love”, they could be the next lucky family to win.

Additional promotional elements supported this campaign. Digital banners on all stations web sites, Bertucci’s brought lunch and dinner items into the radio stations to feed the radio personalities, so they could talk about this on air adding another level of personalization. Social media was used to generate excitement and showcase the food and winners. Both station DJ’s and the station used Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.