Being Optimistic and What’s Next

There is far too much negative news, energy and thoughts in the world right now. I believe Gary Vaynerchuk , it is not that there are more unhappy people than happy people.   But that these unhappy people are louder than the happy majority. We see and hear  those negative thoughts, theories and energy  all over the media, especially social media.  Please know that I am not talking about  people with a serious cry for help regards to health, misfortune or true struggle.  What I think we need to do is silence the negative energy from those who complain only driving a Range Rover and they don’t have a Ferrari.  I believe the new hashtag for that is #richpeopleproblems.  Those people with large spheres of influence can sway the masses.  I hope they realize their responsibility in this world and choose to see the glass half full.. See Gary’s take on this

Today I would like to remind you how talented you are, how much you have accomplished in such a short time on this planet.  The business you built, the people you have helped, the family you raise and encourage.  ALL GOOD STUFF HERE!

So what’s next? Fall can be invigorating,  cooler air gives you more energy, shaking off the summer fog.  I love next, next is always good.  The next meal, the next date, the next paycheck, the next big idea…all really good stuff. Have you ever been in a really long line, waiting and waiting,  as it moves slowly:  the tension in your shoulders builds, you text and tweet frantically about how annoying it is.  THEN you are NEXT.  The best place to be in line.  It’s you, next up, your stress fades, you look behind you with empathy to all those behind you, who are NOT NEXT.  NEXT has all the possibilities with less pressure.

So, today, on the last monday in September, let’s think about what it next.  Your next client meeting, the next marketing idea, the next meal and share that excitement with the world. Because what is next is going to be amazing!


Vacation Perspective on business

First off I am back!  I took a vacation. First full week off in so many years I can hardly count.  It was hard to go, but I loved it so much.  It was good for my mind, body and soul.  I am the type of person who likes to go places and do things.  But I was unprepared for how much I loved this vacation.  Lots of firsts for me: new country, new adventures- it was fabulous.  I think everyone needs to get outside their safety zone, and keep growing.  My wish for  everyone is to  have at least one vacation this year that feeds your soul.

Every morning I would walk the beach to think, relax and see what gifts the ocean brought me that day.  I like to look for shells, it makes the walk more interesting when you collect prizes. So, while on one of my walks, I was looking for this certain shell that another girl had found the day before.  I picked up shell after shell- they were broken, imperfect in some way.  I held out hope, eyes scanning for the one, big, perfect shell.  I could find plenty of small ones that were perfect but the big one was not to be found by me.

This made me think about businesses today.  Everyone wants the million dollar over night success business.  The Mack Daddy- Super Duper, Huge Business.  But like those big shells, it is very rare.  It takes so much work, time and patience to build. If you are a big business or a big shell, you have to withstand a lot of turbulence to make it on to the shore in one piece. The ocean tides, storms and mother nature are not unlike business competition today.  Many big businesses are broken with poor quality and bad press like  Lu Lu Lemon.  Or they are crumbling under their own weight and are filing Chapter 11, like the parent company of Eastern Mountain Sports.  Some times, too big isn’t, too good. Lu Lu Lemon and Eastern Mountain Sports, at one time were at their peak, today there are some cracks in those shells. Businesses can change owners, management, location and more..but they are never the same.

The smaller shells, can easily glide over the rocks, catching the wave to make it to shore successfully.  I was able to collect many beautiful little shells. Just as their are many  successful smaller businesses that are thriving and growing, providing excellent products and services.  I’m sure you can think of a local restaurant you love, where the food is perfect every time.  A local car dealer that goes out of their way for you with service, providing you a loaner every time.  Small shells, beautifully perfect!


Beach Morale:

If your business is a small, perfect shell be proud.  Know you have the swiftness to ride the waves of change easier than your bigger competition. If you are a large business, and have not been beaten by the sea, be grateful. Take care of your customers and employees they will help you weather a storm.  For any business, be ready for any storm and catch the wave of success Mother Nature provides.


Little shell