Think Differently-Could you sell to dogs?

We all know… what we know.We also know that,  the way people do business is changing.  How people spend their time is changing.  It’s hard to force yourself to view your business in a different light to see new angles and customers.  You are busy. We are all busy. I get it.

Try this exercise to shake up your brain, get new ideas and view your business in a new way. Like those annoying ice breaker exercises at group seminars.  Annoying,  but they do really get your brain moving.  Its Monday- let’s get our brain moving.


How would you market your dog products, directly to dogs.  Dogs can now make purchases on their own.  How can you capitalize on this new furry consumer.


Here’s what we know:

Dogs walk on all fours– advertising should be no more than 3 feet high and ideally on the ground.

Dog vision isn’t like humans– they see Yellow and Blue best.  They do not see  red or green as well, or at all.  Re think that holiday campaign.


Dog’s sense of smell and hearing are their strongest senses.Dogs have 125 million to 300 million scent glands in their nose, depending on the breed.  This is 1,000-10,000,000 times stronger than human sense of smell. Maybe you could create a smell sampling truck-think about it.

Dog’s ears are equally sensitive.  Anyone who owns a dog and tries to sneak a late night snack has been busted by the thunder of dog feet coming to see what you have for them too.  Dogs hear at a frequency of 67-45,000 Hz compared to a human that hears at 64-23,ooo Hz. Radio and Television commercials should start with the sound of the deli drawer opening to get the “dog consumers” attention. Also, dogs with pointed ears have better hearing than dogs with floppy ears, also something to consider with your ads.


Here are some ideas to market directly to dogs:

Paint the bottom half of fire hydrants blue or yellow to attract the dog’s eye more.  Put your message printed on that. (yes we are assuming dogs can read, if you remember at the beginning of this exercise we said they could buy stuff too).

Scented stickers on the ground leading from the popular dog parks to your business.  The nose will lead them right to you.

Radio contesting idea- at the sound of the cheese wrapper crinkle, be the 10th caller to win a years supply of cheesy treats.


What else could you do? What other creative ideas do you have? While this example is silly and some what far fetched ( ha ha get it… fetched) its a way to view your business differently.  Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh outlook to get the creative thoughts flowing again.

If you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off of, try asking yourself questions like:

What would you change if you only did business in Europe?

How would you change your marketing, if your only customers were teenagers?

How would you tell your customers how great your business is, if it was a non profit?


Simple questions to stretch your mind, your ideas and help grow your business.


Happy Monday-Woof!








Assemble your dream team

Life and business move pretty fast these days, so having the great team is critical.  If you are an owner or manager you have a great gift and responsibility of directing and leading your business.  The greatest leaders are getting information and input from key people in their tribe. But who are those influences….

What I am suggesting is don’t settle for the tribe that is in your geography but to build your dream team.  Who are the best at what you need-ideas, strategy, production, creativity…whatever you need to keep your business moving forward. You know what you are great at- do that. Lots of that. And get people to help do the rest.

I like this quote from Reid Hoffman:

No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you are playing a solo game, you will always lose out to a team.

More ideas, more energy, more influence will make ideas and strategies better.  If nothing else than to trouble shoot the idea on the table. What if you could turn great into incredible by tapping into your team?

Some things to think about:

  • Are you hoping to expand to more locations: do you have a realtor in your tribe to keep an  eye on the market and great locations for you?
  • Are you starting to sell on line and through social media channels like I suggested in my last post?  Who can help with that?
  • Who is keeping you up to date on the latest trends?
  • Do you have someone on your team that is a great trainer and motivator, are they doing the hiring?
  • What business or spiritual books are you reading to inspire your soul?

Throughout my career I have had to assemble my own tribe, people I trust and  have great skills.  We have worked together, we have worked as competitors but they always remain a friend, sounding board and source of wisdom.

I challenge you to think about who is in your tribe, who should be on your dream team and who can help your business grow.