Commercials that stick, but what are they remembered for?

This commercial for Geico Insurance aired about three years ago.  I barely remember it or the message behind it.  After carefully watching it, again,  I know it is trying to tell people: you don’t need to go to great lengths to save money and calling Geico is an easy way to save money. As an intelligent person I can understand that, but all I think about is the tiny guinea pigs.

“row” “row”

This funny little mantra has become an office cheer in the sales department.  When things are tough, you just need to grab your oar and row.  We make a little megaphone with our hands and just say “row”. Walking up and down the  cubes, saying “row”, it makes us laugh and we enjoy it.

Summary: I am always a fan of the use of animals in commercials, and clever commentary helps it stick in my mind.  I will parrot key phrases keeping your message alive, but is that the message “they” want me to parrot? As we start another week, let’s all just “row” and make it a good one.