Think Differently-Could you sell to dogs?

We all know… what we know.We also know that,  the way people do business is changing.  How people spend their time is changing.  It’s hard to force yourself to view your business in a different light to see new angles and customers.  You are busy. We are all busy. I get it.

Try this exercise to shake up your brain, get new ideas and view your business in a new way. Like those annoying ice breaker exercises at group seminars.  Annoying,  but they do really get your brain moving.  Its Monday- let’s get our brain moving.


How would you market your dog products, directly to dogs.  Dogs can now make purchases on their own.  How can you capitalize on this new furry consumer.


Here’s what we know:

Dogs walk on all fours– advertising should be no more than 3 feet high and ideally on the ground.

Dog vision isn’t like humans– they see Yellow and Blue best.  They do not see  red or green as well, or at all.  Re think that holiday campaign.


Dog’s sense of smell and hearing are their strongest senses.Dogs have 125 million to 300 million scent glands in their nose, depending on the breed.  This is 1,000-10,000,000 times stronger than human sense of smell. Maybe you could create a smell sampling truck-think about it.

Dog’s ears are equally sensitive.  Anyone who owns a dog and tries to sneak a late night snack has been busted by the thunder of dog feet coming to see what you have for them too.  Dogs hear at a frequency of 67-45,000 Hz compared to a human that hears at 64-23,ooo Hz. Radio and Television commercials should start with the sound of the deli drawer opening to get the “dog consumers” attention. Also, dogs with pointed ears have better hearing than dogs with floppy ears, also something to consider with your ads.


Here are some ideas to market directly to dogs:

Paint the bottom half of fire hydrants blue or yellow to attract the dog’s eye more.  Put your message printed on that. (yes we are assuming dogs can read, if you remember at the beginning of this exercise we said they could buy stuff too).

Scented stickers on the ground leading from the popular dog parks to your business.  The nose will lead them right to you.

Radio contesting idea- at the sound of the cheese wrapper crinkle, be the 10th caller to win a years supply of cheesy treats.


What else could you do? What other creative ideas do you have? While this example is silly and some what far fetched ( ha ha get it… fetched) its a way to view your business differently.  Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh outlook to get the creative thoughts flowing again.

If you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off of, try asking yourself questions like:

What would you change if you only did business in Europe?

How would you change your marketing, if your only customers were teenagers?

How would you tell your customers how great your business is, if it was a non profit?


Simple questions to stretch your mind, your ideas and help grow your business.


Happy Monday-Woof!








Vacation Perspective on business

First off I am back!  I took a vacation. First full week off in so many years I can hardly count.  It was hard to go, but I loved it so much.  It was good for my mind, body and soul.  I am the type of person who likes to go places and do things.  But I was unprepared for how much I loved this vacation.  Lots of firsts for me: new country, new adventures- it was fabulous.  I think everyone needs to get outside their safety zone, and keep growing.  My wish for  everyone is to  have at least one vacation this year that feeds your soul.

Every morning I would walk the beach to think, relax and see what gifts the ocean brought me that day.  I like to look for shells, it makes the walk more interesting when you collect prizes. So, while on one of my walks, I was looking for this certain shell that another girl had found the day before.  I picked up shell after shell- they were broken, imperfect in some way.  I held out hope, eyes scanning for the one, big, perfect shell.  I could find plenty of small ones that were perfect but the big one was not to be found by me.

This made me think about businesses today.  Everyone wants the million dollar over night success business.  The Mack Daddy- Super Duper, Huge Business.  But like those big shells, it is very rare.  It takes so much work, time and patience to build. If you are a big business or a big shell, you have to withstand a lot of turbulence to make it on to the shore in one piece. The ocean tides, storms and mother nature are not unlike business competition today.  Many big businesses are broken with poor quality and bad press like  Lu Lu Lemon.  Or they are crumbling under their own weight and are filing Chapter 11, like the parent company of Eastern Mountain Sports.  Some times, too big isn’t, too good. Lu Lu Lemon and Eastern Mountain Sports, at one time were at their peak, today there are some cracks in those shells. Businesses can change owners, management, location and more..but they are never the same.

The smaller shells, can easily glide over the rocks, catching the wave to make it to shore successfully.  I was able to collect many beautiful little shells. Just as their are many  successful smaller businesses that are thriving and growing, providing excellent products and services.  I’m sure you can think of a local restaurant you love, where the food is perfect every time.  A local car dealer that goes out of their way for you with service, providing you a loaner every time.  Small shells, beautifully perfect!


Beach Morale:

If your business is a small, perfect shell be proud.  Know you have the swiftness to ride the waves of change easier than your bigger competition. If you are a large business, and have not been beaten by the sea, be grateful. Take care of your customers and employees they will help you weather a storm.  For any business, be ready for any storm and catch the wave of success Mother Nature provides.


Little shell




Commercials that stick, but what are they remembered for?

This commercial for Geico Insurance aired about three years ago.  I barely remember it or the message behind it.  After carefully watching it, again,  I know it is trying to tell people: you don’t need to go to great lengths to save money and calling Geico is an easy way to save money. As an intelligent person I can understand that, but all I think about is the tiny guinea pigs.

“row” “row”

This funny little mantra has become an office cheer in the sales department.  When things are tough, you just need to grab your oar and row.  We make a little megaphone with our hands and just say “row”. Walking up and down the  cubes, saying “row”, it makes us laugh and we enjoy it.

Summary: I am always a fan of the use of animals in commercials, and clever commentary helps it stick in my mind.  I will parrot key phrases keeping your message alive, but is that the message “they” want me to parrot? As we start another week, let’s all just “row” and make it a good one.