Are you buying and selling things on Instagram and Pinterest yet?

You will.



Soon I can shop in my mags! : Lucky Magazine and BeachMint: The collision of content and commerce via


A few years  ago I tweeted” soon I can shop my mags! ” after seeing a piece about a potential merger with Lucky Magazine and BeachMint . While we still can’t push paper in a magazine to buy things, we are getting closer.

Instagram and Pinterest are fast becoming the new magazines. I am not saying that magazines are dead, I love magazines.  I love nothing more than to sit outside or on my couch and flip through a magazine to read about new things or see beautiful things.  This obsession for magazines  came from my mother,  who also loves magazines.  There is something so luxurious,  about seeing your very fashionable mother wait for her WWD ( Women’s Wear Daily) or her latest Vogue . She would turn each glossy page absorbing the images, so she knew what was in, trending and popular.   But like with everything in life there is a natural erosion.  Even my mother who looks 45 but is 65+ gets her WWD on line and follows all her favorite designers on line.  I still love the feel of a thick magazine, I believe a lot of people still love that experience too.  Humans are tactile beings, in my opinion.

However,  the reality is,  our phones are making it easier to do and see what we like and want.  This culture change will continue to evolve more rapidly as younger consumers are more active in the marketplace.

So that brings us back to the original question: are you buying and selling on social media yet? If you have a product that can be showcased on line, perhaps could be an impulse buy to someone when they are scrolling through their feed-you need to be there.  Example: you are a jewelry designer, with fabulous statement necklaces and they are reasonably priced. Put them on Instagram and Pinterest with links to buy.  If I am scrolling and looking for spring items to spiff up my work wardrobe and I am struck by what you have, I would buy it in that moment. Why would I buy in the moment? I like it, you are presenting it to me on my time table and buying then saves me time of looking further,  so I have time to do other things. Just like buying the latest InStyle magazine to look for the new cute spring looks, I am scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for ideas-sell it to me. Things I have bought from Instagram or Pinterest- work out clothes, T-shirts with fun sayings ( clearly an impulse buy, because who really needs that…) Shirts, pants, scarves…you get the point.

Ok,  let’s get to the practical- how do you start doing this?

#1 Do you have things you could sell on these platforms?

#2 Can you accept Paypal, credit cards, on line orders and ship?

#3 Create an account of Instagram and/or Pinterest if you don’t have one already for your business.

#4 Look at similar businesses to yours, what are they doing? Are they getting likes, comments and sales? Learn from that example, improve on it, and add your own spin to make it customized.

#5 Take great pictures of the items, highlighting what is most valuable, important or unique.

#6 Write a simple description of the item and include the link to where to buy , have the link go directly to that item so people can read more about it. Sizing, color options, material etc.

#7 Post regularly, change the images and items to be relevant.  Is it the time of year when people are planning vacations-post your workout book or new bikini line.  Keep it relevant and think about the user experience.  If it annoys you, it most likely will annoy your customers.

This is something you CAN do, you can out source it, but you can do it yourself.  This is a fast growing new channel of business.  Help the world find you-be out there!

Author: alisonsawhill

Marketing and Advertising Manager, 20+ years of success, working with clients on a local, regional and national level. Experienced in strategy, development and execution of clients marketing plans using all media tools, including Radio, Internet, Social Media, Events and Promotions.

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