I have been thinking a lot about what makes people “consume”. I think of myself as a pretty good little consumer, basically I like to shop and get things. But who doesn’t! Being in marketing and advertising, it is my job to encourage people to “consume” whatever my client is presenting. Sometimes its something really great like concert tickets, or hamburgers and it can be pretty easy. The great question is how to you encourage people who may not be ready to buy YET to move more quickly into the “I want to consume” circle.
I bought my house in 2010, when the supposed market was “bad”, I bought it anyway. People have been playing “bad economy” for so long I think they are just over it. Eventually you need to move forward and live your life.
There is a huge amount of consumption going on with my work family right now. People are buying cars, houses, cars and houses, having babies, taking trips, buying boats….so much so that it seems like a spending spree. So I asked myself why now, had they held on to their money long enough and said oh well time to spend? Was there an advertising message that pulled them into the market right now, was a magical spell cast over my office building. We could gather a focus group to find out why but who really cares. People are spending money, living their lives, consuming media and I couldn’t be happier. Lets all stay positive and get out there and consume! I need to get going I saw something online I want to order…

Author: alisonsawhill

Marketing and Advertising Manager, 20+ years of success, working with clients on a local, regional and national level. Experienced in strategy, development and execution of clients marketing plans using all media tools, including Radio, Internet, Social Media, Events and Promotions.

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